Relics of Pangea

Something is stirring behind the Gauntlet. It's like watching the surface of a lake ripple at the presence of an unknown predator hidden by the movement of its unwitting prey. We've caught glimpses of... something happening in the Hisil during other hunts, but between fending off the Pure and tacking down spirit excursions into the material realm, we haven't had time to figure it out. Sooner or later, though, something's got to give. With your pack lightening the load, we might actually be able to catch our breath long enough to find out what's going on.

The area is known for it's great and ancient temples. Vast packs of Werewolves gathered in numbers unheard of before or since in worship and hunt. The ordinarily migrant wolves lived so densely they built these massive structures across north america, the only known instances of werewolf archetecture and construction.

PC Name Concept Clique
Jake "Cob" Daniels The Iron Gate
Ryan Foe-Render The Iron Gate
Roy Chapman The Iron Gate
Jack Basil The Iron Gate
Dirk Malta The Iron Gate
NPC Name Concept Clique
Kevin Thundersong takes-no-shit leader Terra Firma
Samantha Deadeye streetwise archaeologist Heart of the City
Deputy Martin Weaver savvy monster hunter The Independence Order
Tony James unscrupulous medium
Veronica Spinner high-end vice supplier
Steven Douglas nosy doorman
Liver Eatin' Johnson maligned occultist Terra Firma
Michael Stoneperch Heart of the City
Terrii Stoneclaw Heart of the City
Daniel Fireclaws Broken Sigil
Tristan Deathwalker Broken Sigil
Lisa Gravedigger Broken Sigil
The Ferryman
Crib low-level dealer Mara
Lance Evans
Feverheart Broken Sigil
Molly Dougan bereaved widow
Orlando James bartender front The Iron Gate
Daren Shadeslayer Death's Head
Sees-light-in-darkness Terra Firma
Hnaflwafl Example character Solitary
Hooves in Stone spirit of defending territory The Iron Gate
Name Territory
Edit The Iron Gate northeast Downtown Delete
Terra Firma Garden of the Gods
Heart of the City Eastern Downtown
The Independence Order Old Colorado City
Mara Fountain Valley
Broken Sigil none
Death's Head Denver

New character