Shadows in the Void

The future is bleak. Sure, we're out among the stars, but we only came out here because we're running out of resources. Food, fuel, breathable air. All of it. The problem is, we're not alone and now we know it.

Blood-drinkers, men who've gone feral, disciples of ancient civilizations and still stranger beings departed Earth with us, and the farther we went, the more obvious it became. And the less it seemed to bother us.

As with all things, though, humanity has adapted. The supernatural communities exert influence where they can and corporations effectively rule the spaces that governments don't. Chief among them is the [[Resource Production Corporation]], which through a combination of pressure and corruption, has amassed enough wealth and power to significantly challenge even the [[Coalition of Planetary Governments]] in open space. The tension between the two creates cracks through which smaller ships can slip.

This is where you come in. You are the crew of -[[Profit Margin]]- [[Dead Dreaming|the Dead Dreaming]], an independent [[Atlas-class]] ship, composed of mortals and supernaturals alike. Harvesting loose resources across the universe can bring a ship into contact with unknowable dangers but also provides far more freedom than would be available living on the planets or even working directly for one of the corporations.

This is the Infinite Macabre. You are the Shadows in the Void.

PC Name Concept Clique
Carter Altman saboteur with a religious agenda The Illuminati
Raugraf Ordulf A lesser nobleman
Seskatonkwa "Stampedes the Herd" Sioux Loremaster. The Illuminati
Aarovin the Archivist
Mattias Quincy The new and properly remade Mattias The Illuminati
NPC Name Concept Clique
Roger Jones Negotiator for hire The Illuminati
Clide Jayne Silver Eyes
Juthirbog pilot face Solitary
Lauren Anders Great Pilgrimage "survivor"
Scrow one-woman defense force
Gearalt Rowan Solitary
Vincent Hu a fugitive
Zadon Blood Slaver puppetmaster Blood Slavers
Swiftfoot summer's second-in-command Shield of Summer
Lyssa Thompson Shadow Dredger researcher Shadow Dredgers
The Chorus of Nightmares banished true fae
Stenton crippled mechanic
Gloranor cunning soldier king Shield of Summer
John Martindale infernalist wise man
The Omniscient Maiden childlike queen of winter
Revellan aloof king of spring Shield of Spring
The Mother of Day stern, honorable queen of day Shield of Summer
The Father of Night wild, unpredictable king of night Shield of Autumn
The Terrible Tiller wicked, power-hungry king of autumn Shield of Autumn
Eva Rosycross Silver Ladder true believer
Overseer Bradley Vampire captain of the RPCS Hephaestus
Jason Dross conniving religious leader Shadow Dredgers
Tempus the Archon of Aeons
Lily Jones Adventurous and curious young woman The Illuminati
Hot (Z.O.N.E.) Carl Engineer/Thief radiation junky The Illuminati
Pan subtle assassin Shield of Winter
Commodore Greyson Ruthless captain of the Ravenseye The Ravenseye
EspĂ­rito vengeful occultist
Harkin rebellious blood slave Vampire Nation
Nora Jensen
Name Territory
Edit The Illuminati Everywhere Delete
Shadow Dredgers
Blood Slavers shipping lanes
Shield of Summer Aequinoctium
Shield of Winter Aequinoctium
Shield of Spring Aequinoctium
Shield of Autumn Aequinoctium
The Ravenseye
Vampire Nation beyond the Light's Edge
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