The Twilight Mass

PC Name Concept Clique
NPC Name Concept Clique
Hiram single-minded autocrat The Silent Obelisk
Rook scheming recruiter The Silent Obelisk
Bulwark devoted bodyguard The Silent Obelisk
Ophid mechanistic experimenter The Silent Obelisk
Sheepskin terrorizing right-hand man The Silent Obelisk
Iniquitas benevolent ruler-to-be The Circle of Stones
Indrid Cold burnt-out spy
Discharge helpful mental patient The Circle of Stones
Mirth deep-cover pothead This Bright Night
Dirge goth girl This Bright Night
Bright Eyes watchman This Bright Night
Preacher unholy priestess The Spiral
Thumper malicious karate instructor The Spiral
Trilobite quiet infiltrator The Illuminated Tome
Candle distrusting researcher The Illuminated Tome
Quietus sultry businesswoman The Illuminated Tome
Nightling blue-collar punisher The Null Corporation
Downshift government man The Null Corporation
Static high-minded crime boss The Null Corporation
Charlotte slick lawyer The Null Corporation
Echoplex self-righteous Awakened cop The Hollow
Anathema obvious observer The Hollow
Purgo religious thug The Hollow
Wallace visionary leader Plan B
Edinburgh excitable cryptozoologist Plan B
Freeman careless tech journalist Plan B
Buyback magical collector Open Source Resistance
Radiata colligiate theif
Boom-box magical cause-head Accountability!
Ashcan militant bum Accountability!
Name Territory
Silver Souls the old warehouse district
Accountability! coffee shops
Open Source Resistance downtown offices
Plan B all of London
The Hollow a library
The Illuminated Tome a book store
The Spiral the slums
This Bright Night the parks
The Circle of Stones government buildings
The Silent Obelisk The Manse
The Null Corporation the business district
The Fingers of the Hand varies

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